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The island that the Packing Shed sits on is correctly called Packing Marsh Island.

Packing Marsh Island is being eroded and the stability, even the very existence of the Shed is now being threatened.

Aerial View Showing Erosion

During the last century, American slipper limpet shells, an unwelcome accidental import, invaded the Mersea oyster beds. Many were dredged up by the oystermen and dumped on Packing Marsh Island, which they helped to stabilise. However by the beginning of this century, they had begun to be eroded, moved by high tides and strong winds. The Packing Shed Trust, needed to halt this erosion. Granite ballast was seen as the most effective stabiliser. Permission was sought to build bunds with this material and after it was granted the Trust started to fund raise the 17,000 necessary to purchase and ship the granite.

It took until 2007 for the Trust to raise the money and the granite was purchased and delivered by barge. Manoeuvring such a large vessel in shallow restricted waters was a difficult task but Noddy Cardy was the right man for the job and accomplished this difficult mission.


The Crane Barge Arrives - it just needs a little pull into place!

The Stones Arrive

The barge is firmly aground!

The Barge is a bit low in the Water!

Good job I wore my Wellingtons!

Committee Members Neil Bentley, Steve Marfleet, Paddy Ryan and Alan Mogridge
oversee events on a cold August evening

The first bucketful is unloaded . . .

. . . soon followed by another

First load done - now we just need to shift it!


A little later on: The stones have now been spread to form a protective wall or 'bund'

All pictures courtesy of Paddy Ryan


The stone bunds were built and have largely held up until now but the erosion continues. This problem on Packing Marsh Island and nearby Cobmarsh Island  is now being tackled by the Mersea Harbour Protection Trust.


The Packing Shed is run solely by volunteers and relies on donations from the public to keep it going - anything that you can give will help preserve its future.
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